diesel fuel common rail injector cleaning machine for fuel tank of Diesel vehicle

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diesel injector cleaning
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Diesel vehicle
6 month
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Henan, China
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Diesel engine
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100 Quarter/Quarters per Month
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HaoTeng AT Type

High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injector Test Bench


HaoTeng AT Type High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injector Test Bench, Its function is to mimic the diesel engine ECU (Engine Control Unit) works to provide high-pressure oil to the high pressure common rail fuel injector assembly, at the same time providing, Denso, common rail system control signal to drive the high-pressure common rail injector for working. It also can be measured injection common rail injector flow and return quantity meanwhile.


It is used to test the tightness, atomization quality, inject quantity of flow and oil return, the situation of solenoid valve’s open and close of the diesel engine's high-pressure common-rail fuel injector assembly, it is the most simple, ideal performance testing equipment.


To ensure safe operation, please observe the following rules:


Please read the introduction of Injector control instrument and detector carefully before use, and strict attention to safety matters operate correctly in accordance with the operating procedures, proper use and maintenance of equipment to ensure proper security work (test pressure 20Mpa to 30Mpa).




Its characteristic are fast boosting speeds, good stable performance, high oil storage capacity, longer oil injection time, simple and reasonable structure, flexible and convenient operation; it is testing Common Rail injector of, Denso, and General Diesel Injector. Meanwhile it also can measure common rail injector of jet flow and oil return quantity.




  1. Maximum test pressure: 32Mpa
  2. The Detector of High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injector, HaoTeng AT Type 
  3. The range of pulse width: 100-3000Us
  4. The range of Frequency: 1-30Hz
  5. Range of Counter: 1-3000


Options of fuel injector brand:; 


  1. Range of Pressure Gauge: 0-60Mpa
  2. Operating Voltage: 220V
  3. Total weight: about 50Kg
  4. Contour dimension: L470×W380×H720(mm)
  5. AT Type: 470×380×720




Preparation before use:


Fix the detector on the working table steadily by using installation hole under the board.


The working environment must be clean, and the operator should wash hands before testing.


Put diesel of No zero or Ten that must be precipitated over 48 hours into the tank via the filter.If the diesel does not conform to the requirements, it will be banned to use for testing.


Set up the oil injection parameters via the reference of operating manual of the high pressure common rail injector control instrument as reserve.


The specific operation of HaoTeng AT Type detector:


(1)According to the different models of the common rail injector size and connection, corresponding to select each injector fixture connected into the corresponding clamping device and fixed. When the test atomization quality and seal test, nozzle inserts organic glass cover about 20mm; Release the column and clamp hand shank when testing oil supply and return quantity, put Nozzle into oil screw and push it down to ensure good tightness of O-ring, then clamp upright and lock handle.


(2)Open the high pressure oil switch, pressing a handle to pump oil, to stop pump oil when the pressure reach to 25 ~ 30Mpa;


(3)Then start to examine fuel injector by using the high pressure common rail fuel injector control instrument.


Operating as follow:


  1.  Atomization quality and opening detection of solenoid valve open detection
  2. When press the start button of High pressure common rail injector controller; the fuel injector would be oil spout according to the preset procedure; presses the “stop” button, the machine stop working.
  3. The detection of oil supply and return quantity 
  4. Press the “start button” of the high pressure common rail injector control instrument, the injector fuel injection will spouting, after 30s, and press the “metering key” to measure oil, when spouting oil is completed, the measuring oil is automatically stopped. The quantity of oil in the oil cup means the value of the measurement in a certain range of spouting times. Press the “eliminate Oil” button, the oil cup will be cleaned.
  5. If testing has been completed, you should turn off the high-pressure oil switch, remove the high-pressure oil pipeline which is connected with Fuel Injector (Note: there may be a small amount of the oil spill), then finished.


Description: After the test, replace the fuel injector assembly, follow the above steps can be carried out the next test, but need to observe the pressure gauge pressure whether lower than 20Mpa or not, if less than 20Mpa should pump oil pressure reach to 25 ~~ 30Mpa.




(1)The maintenance of Fuel Injector control instrument is referred to the section 1.3 of User Manual.


(2)Maintenance of Tester



The Diesel oil of No. zero or No. ten for testing must be sedimented for 48 hours, and it need to filter via     cloth when adding oil.

Before using the detector should wipe clean the surface, after use should hood a protective cover.

Turn the screw to fix fuel injector assembly, screw does not force too large to avoid slipping.

Calibration of pressure gauge should be on a regular basis (six months).

Without refueling, do not press the pressure lever, to avoid damage to the plunger.




Under the situation of the normal using, if the product quality get problem, it will be maintained in one year for free.


Under the improper using, if the product is broken, the user need to handle the cost of maintenance.


The product is lifetime maintenance, a year later, users bear the maintenance costs.


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